World-Leading Webcam Eye-Tracking

Founded in Melbourne, Australia in 2014, xLabs' patented technology delivers continuous eye, gaze and head tracking via any ordinary webcam. 


xLabs offers range of software and solutions for head pose, eye, eye-gaze and emotion tracking; with application to a broad range of industries. These services are easily embedded into any third-party platform via our APIs. Our technology works with reading material, recorded video, video conferencing or real-time streams.


xLabs Technology has been used for over 1,200,000 eye tracking sessions and counting, in over 30 countries around the world.

Why xLabs?

Completely Adaptable

User Friendly

Globally Accessible

With over 1.2 million sessions in 30 countries xLabs technology has been optimised to run on any device from a basic smart phone to an sophisticated desktop. xLabs has spent years  developing and refining services and technology to provide a world leading experience.

As xLabs' technology does not require any third party hardware, costly software downloads or complex set up; eye tracking can be done on devices anywhere in the world with no specialised modifications. Everything is simply done within your web browser.

xLabs technology can be accessed remotely which means data collection can happen whenever and wherever your participants are without limitations or delays. Eye tracking solutions can be installed securely, non-intrusively, with immediate results available for reporting and analysis.

Market Research

xLabs technology is used to gain insight into engagement, interaction and effectiveness of visual media such as wireframes, websites,  adverts, videos and packaging.

Watch instant replays of your target audience visually exploring interactive content, generate aggregate heatmaps from demographically filtered participants, and analyse how different subgroups look and interact with different versions of your designs and content; with out of the box solutions that can be setup in as little as 5 minutes. 

Education | e-Learning

Using xLabs’ patented Eye Tracking technology;
education institutions globally can provide
an online solution, agnostic to any current digital
classroom solution or e-Learning tools used, for
teachers, educators & even parents to monitor
student interaction, completion of tasks, efficacy
of subject material, alertness, interest, proctoring
exams, cheating & iPhone management; plus a host of tangible feedback tools & resources for
decentralised & remote learning.


This is achieved without the use of video
surveillance; via a non-intrusive API software
solution, easily downloadable on any tablet, laptop
or desktop.

Compliance | Training

Leveraging from xLabs’ patented Eye Tracking products, services and APIs, companies can provide monitoring across training & compliance material, as well as remote on-boarding and updated material / training.


Visual training such a video and VR are ideal for our technology, as we can measure alertness, reaction, emotion, interest and a range of other critical pieces of information. Applications include workplace safety, driver fatigue, learners & roads and traffic authorities.

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