Education and eLearning

Using xLabs’ patented Eye Tracking technology; education institutions globally can provide an online solution, agnostic to any current digital classroom solution or e-Learning tools used, for teachers, educators & even parents to monitor student interaction, completion of tasks, efficacy of subject material, alertness, interest, proctoring exams, cheating & iPhone management plus a host of tangible feedback tools & resources for decentralised & remote learning.

This is achieved without the use of video surveillance; via a non-intrusive API software solution, easily downloadable on any tablet, laptop or desktop. 

Online Learning

xLabs’ Eye Tracking technology can be overlaid on any existing digital course material, e-Learning tools, websites or training videos, games or e-books; and is compatible with all programs educational institutions utilise. Our software can be custom built and modified to suit any program or syllabus. It provides teachers, school management and parents insight into their student / child's progress, plus allow teachers & educators to truly monitor their student’s engagement, interest, efficiency & efficacy of content.

Digital Attention for eLearning 

College Student

xLabs technology can identify attention and can leverage this data to improve eLearning experiences across the whole online education sector. Using bespoke attention metrics, xLabs can feed data back to educators or service providers, allowing them to immediately respond to a loss of class attention by prompting an alternate learning style, or provide granular feedback on the efficacy of content.


Practically this can be used for online lectures detecting when students begin to lose focus prompting a quiz or activity that can be provided to the student to re-engage them. 

Exam Proctoring

Students Taking Exams

xLabs technology can detect various forms of cheating and deceptive behaviour during student exams that are being done remotely. Currently one examiner can only monitor a handful of students but using xLabs technology hundreds of students can be watched by a single proctor without risk of increasing the ease of cheating.

Indicators such as multiple or no faces detected, students looking down to a phone or students looking off screen at notes can all be brought to the attention of the examiner for confirmation and action. This can allow examiners to monitor many students simultaneously.