Market Research

Traditional testing relies on making assumptions based on what users do, or asking them for narratives on what they think. Eye-tracking taps into biometric feedback at a deeper level, giving you a richer, more objective set of quantitative data. Record, replay and analyse the smallest details of their experience - sampling their perceptions with millisecond precision. EyesDecide's unique webcam eye-tracking solution removes all the old barriers to entry by delivering affordable and high-quality eye-tracking to any webcam enabled desktop or laptop device.

Use our aggregate statistical tools to analyse Areas of Interest (AOIs) and get objective comparisons of design variants. Use our Heatmap tools to visualise what attracts users attention... and what doesn’t. Take the guesswork out of your decision making and see what your users see, through their eyes.

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xLabs technology can be used for market research through our ready built product EyesDecide. With EyesDecide you can watch instant replays of your target audience visually exploring interactive content, generate aggregate heatmaps from demographically filtered participants, and analyse how different subgroups look and interact with different versions of your designs and content.

EyesDecide is designed to
test wire-frames and mockups, product and package testing, A/B testing and many more!

Managed Projects

Students Taking Exams

xLabs also has capabilities to provide more custom market research solutions and can integrate into the tools you are already using. 

Xlabs also provides:

Project Management
We’ll plan and manage tailored studies, based on your use case

Hassle-Free Recruitment
We’ll source and manage viewer panels for you.


Insightful, Actionable Results
Our team will do the in-depth analysis and present the results in an easy to understand format.