xLabs is a global company with a unique technology: We can work out what users are looking at on the screen. And that’s not all we do. Although eye and gaze tracking technology has been around for some time, the quality solutions all require expensive, specialist hardware.
Ours doesn’t. It’s just our software, and a webcam. Any webcam.

There are some web-based gaze tracking systems out there, but they all require users to sit still, and recalibrate after any movement. This is disruptive and limiting.


Our software offers continuous, realtime tracking without restricting user movement. Once thoroughly calibrated, it just works all the time, allowing users to get up and sit down as much as they like. The tech is so good we can offer it as a user input system, capturing all sorts of data such as gaze, head and face gestures, expressions and so on.

This data lets web developers create new ways to interact with your computer. It can be sensitive to your looks, your attention, and your movements. All you need to do to enable this rich feedback is to enable it via our Javascript APIs. This isn’t just a system to collect marketing information – it’s a system that benefits and excites users directly. It has to excite them, because our system requires user consent whenever used.

Our vision is to capture everything beyond the screen: The computer should be a sympathetic and understanding companion, not a dumb droid that mindlessly parrots instructions at you. By capturing all the nonverbal communication people naturally produce, we can make the web a human place that’s far easier to interact with. So, in addition to gaze tracking, our developer interface provides eye-gaze, facial expression & head gestures.

xLabs technology can be delivered in three ways.

First, you can use our APIs to record video from the webcam and stream it to our processing servers. Our unique technology allows lossless compression of the face for later analysis at 15-20 FPS using only native Javascript, even on smartphones!

Second, you can use our Chrome Extension. This packages our software in a browser extension that users can install with a single click. Our Javascript API becomes available in every webpage. Everything is processed on the user’s computer at full frame rates, with no video ever leaving the user’s computer. Instead, eye-gaze data can be processed by applications for remote processing.

Third, we can provide a C++ SDK for eye-gaze tracking for commercial partners only.